Teak Wood Serving Tray (45cm x 25cm x 5cm)
Teak Wood Serving Tray (45cm x 25cm x 5cm)
Teak Wood Serving Tray (45cm x 25cm x 5cm)
Teak Wood Serving Tray (45cm x 25cm x 5cm)
Teak Wood Serving Tray (45cm x 25cm x 5cm)

Teak Wood Serving Tray (45cm x 25cm x 5cm)

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Perfect for serving, storage or acting as a decorative touch, trays are a must-have for that complete look. Featuring an all Teak wood build in a gloss finish and hand made in India, this piece utilizes a rim height of 5cm that's designed to help keep clutter from sliding off and two slots for handling. Let this tray complete your themed look and add to your space.

  • Material : Teak Wood.
  • Natural Gloss Finish.
  • Product Dimensions : 45cm (Width) x 25cm (Depth) x 5cm (Height).      
  • Product Weight : 1.10 Kg.
  • Hand Crafted and Made in India.
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Note: Wood grain & shapes will vary from tray to tray as each one is unique and will not be the same as the pictures above. Colour may vary slightly from brown and beige tones. Also, splits, cracks, minor gouges and random dark marks are common with this species of wood. They might have odd spots and knots but they are part of Mother Nature's design. They should not be considered flaws but rather part of the character and style of this piece!

    About Teak Wood
    • It’s natural oils make it resistant to both pests AND water, making it extremely durable and long lasting.
    • It doesn’t need to be rubbed down with oils or other protective solutions, making it ideal for someone looking for a low maintenance wood.
    • It’s one of the strongest types of wood and won’t crack or break easily.
    • It takes almost a century for the trees to be harvested which means that it’s great for the environment since the trees live longer, but also means that there is always a limited quantity available.

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